Arctic Expedition: April 2016

The expedition starts in Svalbard’s capital Longyearbyen, on the island of Spitsbergen (Norway). After preparations we fly 2.5 hours by Antonov-74 jet to Barneo Ice Camp. At Barneo we board the Mi-8 helicopter and fly south to 88 degrees north, over 200km from the North Pole. Temperatures range between -20° to –35°C. Towing our sleds, we set off towards the North Pole, spending 3 weeks on the Arctic Ocean, living from our supplies, surviving on our wit. This is true Arctic Ocean expeditioning, alone against the elements, challenging the drift, overcoming the constant and varied obstacles.

The success of a North Pole expedition lies in the ability of a team, and its individuals, to adopt a rhythm of polar travel. Daily routines are established, both in and around camp, and during the hours in the harness, to ensure the expedition moves north safely, efficiently and happily. Each person is required to become an integral part of the team and participates in every aspect of the trek, from cooking to route-finding to watching out for polar bears. We will average 15 km per day. Everything before us is as it was centuries ago, when early explorers first ventured into this truly remote region. Yet the feeling is one of isolation and exclusivity, as if we are the first to discover the North Pole. After 2-3 weeks we reach 90 degrees north and celebrate our arrival at the top of the world.

North Pole

The North Pole Expedition


Day 1

Arrive Longyearbyen, Norway. Meet up with guide, clothing issue and check in. Local ski training. Clothing and equipment modification.

Day 3

Preparation, packing, equipment checks and pre flight briefing.

Day 4

Flights to Barneo Ice Camp. Helicopter Flight to 88N Camp.

Day 5 - 23

Ski Expedition to North Pole

Day 24

Pick up from the North Pole and fly to Barneo. Return to Longyearbyen.

Day 25

North Pole Certificate Ceremony.

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