Day 46 – homeward bound

All my bags are packed, I am ready to go, I am standing here outside my door, I hate to wake you up to say goodbye. The dawn is breaking, it is early morn, the taxis waiting, he has blown his horn, already I’m so lonely I could die. I’m leaving on a jet plane……. sorry I could not help that!!! 😀

I am leaving Santiago for London tonight but I am actually all packed and at the airport early. Only arriving do I find out that check in desk do not even exist for BA until 15.00…. oh well 5 hours of waiting before the actual wait for the plane…

I thought I would add my rant about British Airways….:

“#britishairways have been rubbish!!! Flown with them all my life. Called them last week to ask for extra luggage for my sled. Yes the sled that just went to the South Pole. Historic sled that made me the first British explorer to ski a new route to the pole. It was agreed on the phone that although I pay for the Punta Arenas to Santiago part $250, I could get it on the Santiago to London. Guess what??? Got here and no message at all, another $200, $450 in total. Great support of a charity expedition Britishairways – not. That is of course on top of the cost of the flight as they ignored my contact to maybe help with flight. Such great British support and your systems are rubbish or worse you are just money grabbing and lying…? #britishairwaysarerubbish

I will be sure to mention on all radio and tv interviews. #bbc #itv #eveningstandard”

I cannot wait to see everyone, I cannot wait to start living a normal life again and I cannot wait to cuddle my Ella.

Thank you everyone for your support!! I needed everything I had and everything you all gave to get me through this in relatively 5 pieces.

If you would like me to visit your children’s school to talk about the Antarctic and how you get there please contact me on

Thank you for all the donations to date! I have not reached my target yet so please any help gratefully received.

It has been a please writing this, truly helpful to me and I hope provided some interesting reading at times when I was not ranting.

Thank you everyone!