Day 45 – Final day in santiago (Friday – sorry late)

I am feeling much better, 2 days in bed and feel a bit weak but so much better than yesterday.

Breakfast consisted of 2 cream crackers and a glass of water… success, all going well!

I decided to head out to get a back massage, the straps of my sled harness have not been the most comforting parts of the trip and I am knotted and a little twisted I feel.

I then went to a Hard Rock Cafe as it was nearest place and actually ate some food!!

I spent most of the day thinking of what next, where to go in life and how to achieve it. I have cracked a lot of it and need to execute. I think we all know how to do individual things, it is the what that is the issue. It is opening the mind, expanding the normal to merge reality and dreams. Once we have this it is in my opinion simply doing something about it. Not procrastinating, doing those individual steps to achieve what you want.

An early night and heading to the airport tomorrow!!!