Day 42 /43 – tiredness catching up

I am definitely relaxing and coming to realise I have a deep exhaustion. I also missed a day of blog, my apologies.. we’ll I think I did??

Yesterday I went for another walk around the city, went to an Irish bar, realised I am a complete light weight…. 2 pints and time to go to bed. Made my self go to a Chilean sea food restaurant which was lovely!

The tip of my thumb fell off… does not look bad at all now. Whilst black and purple it did look nasty but the body is amazing and it has been healing underneath for a few weeks now. That is the last bit to lose. I think everything else is here to stay.

I had an early night and set my alarm for an interview with BBC 3 counties at 5.30…. it went well so more exposure to my just giving page. I then went for an 8km run through the streets of Santiago. Even in the morning it is very hot. Made me feel great so really pleased my foot, ankle, Achilles etc managed the stress of a run. Not a bad time for first run in 3 months, 39 minutes 47 seconds.

I found a cinema and went to see Star Wars, was a great film, good to be back for that. Walked around a shopping centre, next to the largest tower in South America, the Grand Santiago Tower, 300m tall.

I had been craving a chocolate milkshake for 2 months and I am sorry to say I managed 2 sips and had to leave it. Far too sweet, I think my tolerance for some types of food and drink has changed.

Now back in hotel, it is 19.00 and I am going to bed; I think I need to get back into the swing of this normal life however, will have to start tomorrow!

Photo –  Rob wearing wearing wrist bands in support of World Cancer Day on Feb 4th .