Day 41 – a day of firsts

I woke up at 8.45, naturally… bliss. The hotel in Santiago is comfortable and clean. I went to breakfast but have completely lost my appetite. I managed some pineapple and coffee. I then went back to the room, showered and set off with a to do list.

  1. Haircut
  2. Jeans that fit
  3. A pharmacy
  4. Find somewhere for lunch

I got the haircut which is novel, describing what you want when neither party has a clue what they are saying. So my first first of the day; I tried some jeans on, a 32″ waist… what??? Not since school.

I then went for a stroll and popped into a shop to ask directions. My second first… as I was asking this lady for directions, I touched my ear and my ear lobe fell off. I knew she had seen this. She knew I knew etc… I carried on with a straight face and to her credit not until I was leaving the shop did she put her hands to her mouth, stifle a scream and run to the back of the shop. I think that reaction is another first but cannot be sure.

Unperturbed I wandered the streets of Santiago taking in the sights, the only person with a coat and hat. I only have cold weather clothes. This my first time in Santiago and it is a beautiful city. My friend Andrea is from Santiago, I wish I had met her as it is big and I keep getting lost. However I am on standby to get an earlier flight home.

I spoke to my Ella which was lovely and  I am now off to a bar that has been recommended for a solo celebration of what was once a complete ear.