Day 40 – Punta to Santiago

Today I have woken up 5 hours early for breakfast at 9.00…. this sleep business is proving difficult. A soft bed was just to much sensation to sleep. I may try the floor and my sleeping bag tonight.

I have realised how many things we store in our brain and how much just evaporates over 2 months of inactivity. So I intended to catch up on work emails, I still do not know if things I was working on last year ended successfully….. well I cannot find out as I cannot for the life of me remember my work iPhone passcode. It has gone! So I tried my laptop…. took 2 hours and suddenly remembered laptop password which is good. However hotel internet is down…. is life really this complicated???

I managed, with some brilliant help, to get BA to call me and intended to move flights. The flight to Santiago from Punta I have moved to tonight however to move my London flight was a second mortgage so I am stuck in Santiago until 22nd January. It is frustrating as there is so much to do!

Keith has left now and is on his way to Punta and then home to Switzerland. So Eric and I went for lunch. It was a set meal of lettuce leaves to start, followed by empanadas, accompanied by a beer.

I fly at 19.30 so have some time now to write and think. Getting quite sleepy as deprived of sleep now. May set an alarm just in case.

I am looking forward to Santiago, although I think at this rate I will be sleeping a lot.