Day 38 – a crowded camp

Union Glacier camp completely came alive as almost all the remaining teams were picked up from the Pole. These were 1 degree teams skiing the last 116km to the Pole.

The weather dropped somewhat, recording -15 with low cloud meaning you could not see the next tent let alone the surrounding mountains.

This raised around mid morning so the beautiful views returned. I decided on a long bike ride so borrowed a fat bike, checked out with comms and set off. You are supposed to take the 10km route however… I took a slightly different right at a corner and started on a longer 26km route that was covered in snow, rather than bashed to a track and had a rather more exciting route. I got into a little trouble for my detour but it was so worth it!!

There was another evening presentation, this time about Shackleton. It really is a strange feeling listening to that story, knowing that it is me, yes me…. that continues that story in a way. He tragically never made it to the Pole. There are amazing British explorers, Sir Ran Fiennes, Rob Swan, Mike Stroud, Ben Saunders, Fiona Thornewill, David Hempleman-Adams and many others ……… All incredible achievements!

I would never compare myself to these amazing individuals, very different in many ways, however I now have my place in the story, a first, something that will always be mine.

There was a big party last night, although I was tucked up in bed at 10.30, I was woken at 2.30ish to the sound of singing, very very drunk Russians. Managed to just turn over and fall back to sleep. I woke at 9.00!!! My first big sleep. I feel so much better, refreshed and looking forward to my return to the UK. Yes I am writing this in the morning rather than last night….

The first step is IF the Ilyushin – 76 arrives to take us to Punta Arenas. The weather is a little dodgy as I explained about the low cloud however we have to be positive.