Day 25 – A little rest, a lot of laughs

We were woken by Eric this morning who on the advice of doctors is having a rest day. Yesterday Eric was suffering from the first stage effects of altitude sickness. Like the true hero he is and with the heart of a Lion, he still managed to complete the 22km yesterday…. the man is a machine!

Keith has also had the effects of snow blindness so I think a rest on his eyes is well worth it. I say just his eyes as the man has the strength and relentless energy of 10 men. His cycling is just so much hard work to even watch let alone actually doing it.

I have nothing to complain about, I am feeling strong and determined. A rest day will be good to recharge the batteries and I don’t have to eat lunch… I have to admit I hate the lunch. It is noodles with salami pieces and bits of cheese. When we stop we pour boiling water from our flasks. I eat it for the energy but I vow never to eat salami again….

We are having a ball in the tent! Banter is quick and sharp and very very funny. A few translations needed for me from Aussie lingo but we are all in very high spirits.

I just walked out of the tent to grab tomorrows lunch bag, as it has tonight’s soup… we start a food bag in the evening. What greeted me was the most amazingly glorious vista. Endless flat snow in every direction, the ice crystals in the air blowing up from the south easterly breeze, such a deep blue sky with a swish of high level cloud and the sun shining down on us. A feeling of being alone in the largest, most inhospitable and never before seen part of the world. All of that thought was squeezed into a millisecond as the inevitable feeling of freezing starting at your hands and face and snaking along every part of your body takes over and those now everyday words of “Jeez, it’s bloody freezing” escape your lips.

Back in the tent now and maybe watch a movie. With the sun comes power and we can charge everything to 100% ready for the next few days.

I hope you will join me in wishing Eric a speedy recovery and that the days rest will get him back to fighting fit to tackle Lady Antarctica tomorrow.

I wish you all a Very Happy New Year. May 2017 bring you happiness and health. Have a wonderful evening tonight and maybe spare a thought for my team and I and the wonderful cause, Cancer Research UK . Of course if you wish to donate that would be greatly appreciated.