Day 21 – seeing the parhelion

Today started with beautiful blue skies, bright sunshine, -21 degrees and flat sastrugi!! Perfect!

We travelled in 4 sessions again and made a tad under 22km. It would have been more however the sastrugi got bigger and bigger as sessions 3 and 4 continues

Session 3 and I saw my first parhelion. A refraction of the ice crystals in the air with the sun. It looks as if there are little suns, above, below and to each side. Very beautiful!!!

So carrying on this pace we have travelled 375km, we have 242km to the Pole and we are now at 2868km elevation, would see us at the Pole in 13 days.

The elevation is really starting to make a difference to travel. Catching our breath is distinctly harder.

I really enjoyed the day today and really thought about what I was doing and how I am doing something that only a few have even attempted before in the history of polar travel. This is a true adventure, a life and death proper expedition where success is triumph and failure is, well failure is terminal. I summed it up by thinking that ” a good day is punishing, a bad day is in the hands of God”

I thought these quotes from some truly amazing people were very appropriate today!

“Every day some new fact comes to light – some new obstacle which threatens the gravest obstruction. I suppose this is the reason which makes the game so well worth playing.”  Sir Robert Falcon Scott

“Optimism is true moral courage.”  Sir Ernest Shackleton

“I have been seriously afraid at times but have used my fear as a stimulating factor rather than allowing it to paralyse me. My abilities have not been outstanding, but I have had sufficient strength and determination to meet my challenges and have usually managed to succeed with them.” Sir Edmund Hilary

We are now in the tent, dinner consumed and settling down for sleep. I have to set my alarm for 12 as it is my Bob FM interview again. So until tomorrow.