Expeditions require stubbornness

After 3 hours of sitting in the mess tent with my foot raised I started getting concerned looks and comments from the ALE owners. ALE are the logistics organisation that also owns and runs Union Glacier camp. There were worried faces that as I could not walk how on earth could I ski to the pole…. I had another meeting with the doctors and changed my medication to something a little stronger.

We were then called to a meeting with the owners to discuss and i was feeling the anxiety as were my team mates. At the meeting I listened and then just said – it is a poorly foot, a bruise! It is not a condition or something that will stop me, how about I ski 10 km with full weight sled of 95kg in under 2 1/2 hours? If I do that the matter is closed. 

So I skied 10km with 95kg sled in 2 hours 20 minutes and the matter is closed. Does my foot hurt – yes, but it does not hurt when I ski and as such I am happy I can start and finish the expedition.

To put this in perspective we have to ski around 18 – 20km a day in 8 – 9 hours. It looks like we will leave on Thursday. Another day at Union Camp! We are all itching to leave and just start. Expeditions I have learnt require patience as well as determination and stubbornness.