The Sled

We are all packed and ready to go. The sleds have been weighed. A slight change this year because of health and safety…. nothing more than 30kg so we had to pack sled and then unpack to box in 30kg max boxes for shipping:

Sled – 30kg
Bag- 31kg
Boxes – 20kg
Fuel – 8kg
Re-provision of shared kit – 10kg

Take away 5kg for skis and 5kg for bag that held kit = 89kg sled weight

Happy with that! There is a briefing today at 17.00 when we find flight time for tomorrow. Very exciting. The flight time will be around 5 hours from Punta Arenas and we land to barmy temperatures of -14 to -16. We will have a day or two at Union Camp and then a flight to the Ross Ice Shelf.