Welcome To Trek2Poles

After a really busy end of year at work the launch of the trek2poles website and the sponsorship brochure being ready is a massive relief!! A massive thank you to Passion Digital for making this all real!

One of the aspects of the website is a countdown to my first expedition to the North Pole….. This is another grounding reality!! I am so excited about 2016 and being a part of a piece of Antarctic History. This all started by looking at ways I could make a difference, doing something in memory of my lost loved ones and experiencing something I would always remember. My thoughts are always with my Mum, Neil and my testical!….

My original conversations with Eric Phillips about doing something “really special” and the expedition across the Antarctic to the South Pole across a new route, never before seen by anyone were probably the most exciting I have had, with exception of course of when I first heard “I am pregnant” from Rebecca! This led to talk of training and before I knew it I had signed up to another extremely challenging expedition to the North Pole. This would act as cold weather training, skiing training, pulling a sled for the first time. The truth is the North Pole is colder than the South, the sun does not offer any heat at all. It is every bit as challenging and every bit as exciting! Add Polar bears and extreme weather conditions and it makes for something very special.

The South Pole will offer different challenges not least of which is that our route has never been travelled. This will mean every step is new and could hold challenges and danger. With Eric leading the expedition I know we are in the most experienced and capable hands. Being part of the 5 man team, it is truly amazing to think we will be the first humans to ever see this part of the world. What an honor and what an amazing opportunity.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)